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Everyone in our team has gone through excessive training and has the experience to be ready to handle all situations.


We can proudly say we have found the balance between fair pricing and quality cleaning, we'll even try to price match.

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I for some reason you are not fully satisfied with the results or we missed something, we will come back and re-clean.


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When was the last time you steam cleaned your carpets?

 If the answer is never or a long time ago then it’s time to reach out to us, so we can show you the joy that a clean carpet brings and how much fresher you will feel walking bare foot on it. We are fully equipped and prepared to remove all dirt, dust, bacteria, germs, and discoloration. We use the power of the steam since that’s the most effective way to get to the base of a carpet where all the unwanted things are.  


check the inside of your oven.

Is it full on built-up grease, leftover food, oil? If the answer is yes then it’s time to have it professionally deep cleaned. The cons of a dirty oven are a lot more than the above – it has nasty smells, it takes longer to heat, it performs bad, the lifespan is shorter, it’s not good for your food and your health. So in order to avoid all of the above – get it cleaned with us! 


Ending your tenancy?

Don’t worry, we all hate when the time to leave your rental accommodation comes and you have so many things to worry about. We can reassure you that if you contact us you will have one less problem. Plan your End of Tenancy Cleaning in Whitechapel with our company and we will take care of everything. Our prices are pretty affordable and our service will definitely cost you a lot less than your rental deposit. 


Sofa Cleaning

Just like carpets, all upholstery gets dirty very easily – especially sofas. They collect not only dust, dirt, germs, bacteria, nasty odors but body liquids, dead skin cells etc. In order to get rid of all of the above, you need to have your sofa professionally deep cleaned. 


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What others think about us.

My family and I are pleasantly surprised by the result of our carpet cleaning. The team knows what they are doing. The girl that I spoke to when I booked them was very helpful and answered all of my questions. Very professional.

Anna Harris

Mother of two


How it's Done

Learn everything there is about our services, before booking.
Oven Cleaning

We start with inspecting your oven. After that, we will disassemble all the removable parts and will soak them in a powerful solution in order to remove grease, bacteria, germs, leftover food etc. Then we will clean and scrub the inside and outside of your oven. Our service is completed by assembling the removable parts back. We will need an hour to finish the cleaning. You will be able to use your oven right after we are done.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

We will start with vacuuming your carpet in order to remove large bits of dirt. Then we will determine the condition the carpet is in and will decide if there is a need for adding special shampoos (for example, if there are stubborn stains). After that, we will continue with steam cleaning it. We finish the process by vacuuming the carpet again. In relation to stains – our technicians will do anything in their power to lift them. Be aware that some stains that have been sitting for a long period of time are impossible to clean.

Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Let Magic Carpets Whitechapel take care of it. We value your time and money so we will be as fast as possible. The service is done on site and our technicians will come fully equipped. This makes our service so quick – the fact that we don’t have to take your sofa to a different location. There is no risk of damage to the fabric and there won’t be any nasty weird smells left on the sofa.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

We will clean your property top to bottom by covering all rooms and areas. If you have a detailed specific list of requirements make sure to give it to our cleaners before they start the service. They will follow everything listed carefully. 

We can guarantee you that there isn’t any risk of damage to the surfaces. We also have a 48h guarantee. This means that if there is something we have missed, we will come back and re-clean your property.
A lot of our clients combine the service with steam carpet cleaning. At the End of Tenancy Cleaning, we will vacuum your carpets.
It’s best if you have our service done as late as possible – maybe before vacating the property, or shortly before the last inspection.


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